emma_youngI was looking for some help and guidance for my ultimate goal and Marina used a variety of tools to help me think about what my ultimate goals were. Once you have a goal in mind, to make the task seem daunting, the tools helps you to break down the goal into small manageable bite sized chunks that make even the most impossible goals seem possible.

Marina also used Archetyping with me. This involved identifying your behaviours and characteristics with certain archetypes, such as Child, Hero, Wise Old Woman, and how you can adapt to pull on one or more of them depending on what you are trying to do. A great way of helping you adapt to different styles.

March 9, 2014

Emma Young, HR at Wegware, Edinburgh, Scotland UK

Marina’s karen_dcoaching skills and methods such as Archetyping and moral compassing have helped me enormously to achieve a happy work-life balance. Clarifying my values was fascinating and showed what motivates me in my career and life. I now feel I have some very useful tools that will help me confidently deal with the challenges life inevitably throws up. Thank you Marina for showing me the strength I already had inside me and helping me build on it.

October 23, 2013

Karen Dowers, Biologist – Drug Discovery Unit, University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland, UK

rajni_sMarina is a natural life coach. She is positive, honest, flexible and genuinely supportive whilst always being professional. My coaching experience began with Marina helping me to put the many things I was dealing with into perspective and prioritising them. This gave me an instant sense of clarity and relief.
We then worked together to tackle each area; firstly identifying the root cause of the problem and then identifying tools I already had at my disposal and how best to use them. She also introduced me to a number of coaching tools that really helped me to understand my own capabilities; one such tool was Archetyping, this tool really helped me to understand and better utilise the many facets of my personality and personal and professional skill set. I was surprised at how quickly it worked! It is also something that I have continued to use and will build on in the future. My experience with Marina has been invaluable and I would highly recommend Marina as a life coach.

August 20, 2013

Dr Rajni Sudhir, Associate Medical Writer, Tonbridge, UK